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To operate as a clearing house for area churches, to serve the economically disadvantaged
and under served people of our area, with emergency assistance and programs to
empower and encourage them to become self-sufficient.

Branded Ranch Rodeo
Branded Ranch Rodeo


NewsLetterCommunity Seeds Newsletter "The Sower" Spring 2013

"Still other seed fell on good soil. It produces a crop 100, 60 or 30 times more than what was planted.
Those who have ears should listen." (Matt 13:8-9 NIV)

A Partnership Made In Heaven
Churches and Faith-Based Non-Profit Organizations
By Jim Gatliff, Director of Missions
Hunt Baptist Association
There has never been a time when there were more churches in North Texas than right now. Likewise, the number of faith-based non-profit organizations (FBNPO's) serving the region is at an all-time high. The reasons for the rise of both churches and FBNPO's are obvious: Texas is exploding with population growth. Over the next five years, a population total equivalent to the entire state of Oregon will be moving to Texas, and a few thousand of those folks will wind up in Hunt and Rains Counties. Tough economic times have stretched family budgets and stressed the available social safety net. There is a strong a contagious volunteerism that flows in the veins of Texans as well. Thanks to technology and the internet, organizations can find resources, publish materials, and communicate with their constituencies easier than ever before. Perhaps most important of all, God has been moving in the hearts of people both to start new churches and ministries and to launch new faith-based non-profit organizations. Many churches have focused their attention on ministry beyond the walls of the church and have added a virtual cornucopia of new ministries to their strategy plans. Indeed the Christian community has entered into a golden age of ministry opportunity.Acrobat Reader Required DOWNLOAD NEWSLETTER or call 903.634.5673

Progress continues on our housing project at Harkey Court!
Click on the image to view more about our housing program!

Harkey Court


Community SEEDS
602 College St
Lone Oak, Tx 75453
(Old Lone Oak High School Bldg.)
P.O. Box 335
Point, TX 75472



Bible Studys


Community SEEDS Campus
(Old Lone Oak HS)
602 College Street | Lone Oak, TX 75453
RSVP @ 903.634.5673


  • GED Class (In Session)  Every Monday @ 6pm
  • Spanish Class (Starts 1/10)   Every Thursday @ 7pm
  • Computer Class   (Starts 1/8)  Every Tuesday @ 6pm
  • Stretching Your Food Dollar Every 4th Thursday @ 10am (January class will be held On Wednesday the 23rd)
  • Welding Class (starts 1/21)  Monday-Wednesday @ 8am (fees apply)
  • Community Gardening (Current)     Every Tuesday and Thursday (Times Vary-Pls Call)
  • Transitional Housing (Feb. 1st)  Call for information and application
  • Budgeting Class B y Request
  • Guitar and Piano Class By Request
  • EFSP Funds Available for Hunt Count Residents Only (Must Qualify): Rent, Utilities (except water), Gas, Propane.  By Appointment Only!!! (Rains County is served from our general funds, not EFSP)
  • Food Pantry Open Daily
  • Clothing Open Daily


Branded Ranch Rodeo- May 17th, 2014
Sulphur Springs, Texas


Come and enjoy a great evening and support Community Seeds!

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Moster Ball
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(Starts June 21)

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Spanish Classes 2013
ESL & Spanish

Thursday 7 PM
Taught by Robert Mora Spanish Teacher/Royce City High School

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